"Webfan CLI Terminal"(webfan/cli)

ID: #http://cdn.frdl.webfan.de/cdn/frdl/flow/components/webfan/cli

Version: 3.0.3

Authors: Till Wehowski

Description: frdl shell




Quick Start:

Copy and paste the following HTML-Code into your homepage:


Advanced Usage:

  1. To load the Widget Engine Library, put the following code between your HTML <head></head>Tags (ONLY ONCE!):

    Tipp: Download the library.js to your own server, call it "flow.js"and edit the code as appropriate!

  2. Put the following code between your HTML <body></body>Tags and edit the data-* -attributes:

    Tipp: Download the component to your own server! (You may edit the templates and css files)

    Tipp: Change data-frdl-component to data-frdl-desktop-widget and you get a Webfan Workspace/Desktop Widget! (this requires widget:// scheme and the Widget.wgt and its config.xml containing an icon)

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